Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Radical Thought from a Moderate Rationalist

Here's how Republicans or Democrats can win control of Congress in the next election.

 Republicans could introduce and support the tax increases the Democrats have demanded, with no strings or spending cuts attached.


Democrats could introduce and support the spending cuts Republicans have demanded, with no strings or tax increases attached.

Whichever party does this then says to the electorate: "We have demonstrated that we can govern. Now put us in control and we will solve the nation's problems."

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  1. Well, here's my naive question.

    Suppose, say, the Democrats offer to make substantial cuts in entitlement programs with no strings attached.

    The Republicans say "Show us you're sincere about your proposal," the Democrats take the bait and vote the proposals through, with the President signing off on them.

    What's to prevent the Republicans from then running in 2012 on the following message:

    "We finally got spending under control - it wouldn't have happened without our votes since we control the House and have practical control in the Senate - and we did it without adding a single dollar of taxes, which would be a crushing burden in this economy."

    Wouldn't the Democrats then have given up all negotiating leverage on the chance (and it may be a slim one) the the voters wouldn't say "Thank God, we finally took some steps to get our fiscal house in order by reducing spending - and we're certainly not going to vote for higher taxes in this economy - I can hardly make my tax payments now and can sure think of better things to do with that money."

    And if the Democrats cried "Foul," wouldn't the Republicans simply respond: "Wait a second! /We never promised to cut taxes and you said your proposal was without strings. And now you want it both ways. With lowered spending, there's even less need for a tax raise. Take a hike!"