Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Blogs and Columns I Read and Recommend

I thought it might be fun to share some of the blogs and columns I tend to follow in the area of public policy and politics.  Hopefully, Andy will share some of his too, and perhaps our visitors will share theirs.

Here they are: - Probably more liberal than I am, but with some excellent insights into domestic (and particularly economic) policy.  Ezra is a moderate progressive, but has the ability to be skeptical of silly positions taken even by his philosophical allies. - Jennifer Rubin, on the other hand, is somewhat more conservative than me, but has some very good insights into the inside-the-beltway political scene, often better than almost anyone else.  Updated almost hourly, it seems!  When does the woman rest?

George Will's regular column in the Washington Post - alongside David Brooks, perhaps the pre-eminent conservative commentator today.  Beautiful use of the English language and in a non-political arena I recommend his baseball book, Men at Work.

David Brook's twice-weekly column in the New York Times - If I could read only one opinion column, this would be it.  Sophisticated and intellectual, masterful analysis and a friendly, open, non-judgemental style make this a priceless addition to out political dialogue, as well as valuable commentary on our social scene and recent findings in the social sciences.

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